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Roommate drug eviction update

I already found a new place to live! It’s in a place where bands rent out practice spaces! I’m so happy to finally be somewhere where I have total privacy, away from the haters who go through my shit because they are intimidated by my lifestyle.

I have to blog this here because it’s too private for Facebook… I have to vent to the world, just not to the parties involved or those connected to me who would be understandably judgmental.

Well… I have 2 weeks to find a place to live and/or store my shit, because my roommates are kicking me out for using drugs.

Fucking weak… They went through my shit and left a note with all 4 of their names signed at the bottom. I feel so violated… What assholes!

I’ll update this with more later.

Sex with my lover = intensely satisfying

Sex with my lover = intensely satisfying