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Sex with my lover = intensely satisfying

- You trippin’? | via Tumblr on We Heart It

filthymoraldisease asked: Sorry for being rude in my first message, this has just been happening to me a lot lately and I don't appreciate my credit being stripped from my work. I'd really appreciate it if you could add a link to my blog onto your post of it please? Thanks very much

You have every right to be upset. I would be too if I knew someone deliberately removed credit from something I made. In fact, I do have very significant personal experience with exactly this. But in this case, I looked for a source and found none. In other words, it wasn’t me who removed your info from your work, but I am glad to see that it did find its way back to you. Please forgive me and happy blogging.

Anonymous asked: Please don't repost stuff.. If you "have" to, give the person credit like a link or something!

Have you looked at my blog? You can plainly see the kind of stuff I post, from a variety of sources. If I see something that strikes me as pretty, or otherwise inspiring, I will post it without hesitation, whether or not I am able to discern the content’s origin. If credit is given I always leave it intact, for it is my greatest wish that creators be recognized for their work. Thanks for taking the time to read, happy tumblring.